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Penadíaz creates beautiful spaces with contemporary designs, rugs that enrich spatiality, highlighting the selected room. The art and warmth brought by our unique articles is present in the unique design.

What we do

Our carpets entail a sensorial experience to the touch when stepping on them, by reconfiguring the space of your room. We are working to transmit to our clients the pleasure and care that we develop in each exlusice item through creative ideas, in creative investigations, with our artisans and with the best quality material we use.

We're already here

In PD we have achieved transferring the artistic ideas of our creative designers to the designs applied in our articles, maintaining the original concepts of the creative process. Thus gaining a handmade finishing which makes every one of our rugs a special and distinctive object in regards to the rest of rugs.

Product quality

We understand that to create a rug into art filled with sensations, maintaining naturalness and presence in each article, the craftsmanship must work and adapt to the creative desires and not the other way around. Art is subject to the technique. Therefore every artist develops a creative line that offers us a particulr and independant proposition to offer your personal interiors.

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Dressing your home and endowing it with a small tale in which the habitant and the visitors can feel like participants.

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